Matan The Cat Finds His Way Home!

Matan the Cat

Matan the 8-year-old cat snuck out of his North Port home when his owner was in the process of moving. Thanks to a kind stranger Matan was brought to us a few days later. After searching high and low, Matan’s owner called our animal care facility to file a lost report in hopes that he might turn up here. A few days had gone by and there was still no sign of Matan anywhere, so his owner decided to give us a call for the second time. This was the call that made the magic happen! When his owner first filed a lost report with us, she had left out some significant details about the cat. The detail that Matan had a broken tooth was very important and ultimately the detail that led his family to finding him. After identifying her cat on the lost and found section of our website, the family was finally reunited with their beloved cat Matan!

Thanks to the lost and found section on our website, Matan was one of three cats to be reunited with their families!

Kit goes home

After being separated for almost a week, Kit goes home with her owner Bernice!

Zion goes home

Zion and her owner Amanda are happy to be going home together again!

If you’ve lost or found an animal, please be sure to contact your local animal control and file a report with us so the critter in question can be reunited with its owner! If you have any questions or need more information, give us a call at 941-474-7884 during our business hours Tuesday through Saturday.


Why Your Pet Needs a Tag

Cat & Tag

Whether it is lost or stolen, losing a pet is an agonizing experience. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, approximately 584,000 cats enter animal shelters in the United States every year as strays, yet only about 2% of these cats are ever reunited with their owners. That means that fewer than three out of every hundred cats entering animal shelters are reunited with their owners.

The reason is shockingly simple; too many owners fail to put identification on their cats to ensure their safe return home. Yet, even the most responsible pet owners can experience unexpected circumstances that cause cats to accidentally stray and become lost or injured. This is especially true during summer when windows and doors tend to be left open.

The following are common types of identification that can mean the difference between life and death for your best friend. With all of these methods, it is imperative to keep your information up to date.

ID Tags

All cats and dogs need to wear collars with city licenses and rabies vaccination tags, personal ID tags are essential backups. The tag should include the owner’s name address and telephone (day and night) and the pet’s name.

  • If you are willing to pay a reward, put the word “reward” on the tag, too.
  • If you are traveling, put a temporary tag on your pet with the contact information of someone who knows how to reach you.
  • Use a collar especially made for cats that has a short piece of elastic sewn in it. These collars allow the cat to escape if it gets caught on furniture or other material.
  • Tag your cat even if you never let it outside. It could slip through an open door and easily become lost in the neighborhood.



This is a tiny electronic capsule that is embedded under the pet’s skin. Microchipping is a great resource because when a pet is found, any agency with a scanner, including many animal care and control agencies, veterinary clinics and research labs, can quickly identify a code that links the animal to its owner through a database. This information must be up to date.

Your pet needs a microchip even if it wears a collar with tags because a microchip provides permanent ID that cannot fall off, be removed, or become impossible to read. Proper identification is your single best chance for finding your missing companion! We offer low-cost microchipping at our Preventive Health Care Clinic to help assist you in properly caring for your pet. Please call 941-474-7884 for more information or to set up an appointment.

What To Do If You Lose Your Pet

Lost Pet Flyer

Losing your pet is traumatic. Your first inclination is, of course, to panic. But you stand a far greater chance of finding your pet and returning him or her safely home if you follow these simple steps.

1. Prior to losing your pet – Take several color photos of your pet, identify the best one and make multiple prints. On the back of each print write your pet’s name, approximate height and weight, and your name and phone number. Put these away for future use.

2. Proper identification is your single best chance for finding your missing friend. There are several kinds of pet ID’s available; Tags for the pet’s collar, with your name and phone number on it (it is important to have your cat or dog wear their collar at all times), a Microchip, or Tattoo.

3. When you first find your pet missing, contact all appropriate Humane Society offices and County Animal Control offices that may apply. Their numbers are listed below.

4. Whenever possible, bring a picture of your pet to each Humane Society shelter where your pet could be brought. A photo is significantly better than just a verbal description because staff can do a visual comparison on the spot.

5. Then, for each Humane Society office you contacted, make a return visit every few days. While animal shelters try their best to match lost pets with their owners, the best way to find your pet is to actually walk through their kennels yourself.

6. If you put up signs around town, use your animal’s photo whenever possible.

Suncoast Humane Society (Englewood)..…………………………. 941-474-7884
Charlotte County Animal Control……………………………………. 941-833-5690
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Dept…………………………………….. 941-474-3233 or 639-2101
Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County (Port Charlotte)……. 941-625-6720
Lee County Animal Control (Includes Boca Grande)………………. 239-432-2083
Lee County Gulf Coast Humane Society (Fort Myers)..…………… 239-332-0364
Humane Society of Sarasota County (Sarasota)………………..…. 941-955-4131
Sarasota County Animal Control (Sarasota Co. Area)……………. 941-861-9500
Sarasota County Animal Control (North Port Area)………..………. 941-426-3111
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Dept……………………………….……… 941-861-1701
Sarasota County Animal Services (Administration office closed on week-ends) 941-316-1081

If you find a lost or stray animal it is best to contact your county Animal Services or Animal Control to have the animal picked up. At the very least, contact the agencies listed above with a description of the found pet. If an animal is Micro-chipped, Animal Control Officers, Shelters, and most Veterinarians have scanners to identify the owner.

By law, stray animals brought to a shelter are held for only five days – after which, if the animal is unclaimed, it can be legally adopted out to someone else. Don’t wait around a couple of days to see if your pet comes back on its own! If you have lost or found an animal, you can call us at 941-474-7887, come to Suncoast Humane Society during business hours, or fill out the Lost and Found Form.

Missing Dog Kia Finds Her Way Home

Missing Dog Found Her Way Home

Kia looked pretty confused when she found her way to us here at Suncoast Humane Society in early January 2015. A Good Samaritan had opened the garage door to his Englewood home and Kia walked right in! Because he wasn’t sure what to do, he came to us and brought us Kia. Two days later, Kia’s parents contacted us looking for her and we were able to reunite the family!

Missing Dog Kia Goes Home Suncoast Humane Society

Kia was so happy to be reunited with her humans!

If you find a missing pet, please be sure to contact your local animal control and file a lost report with us. Give us a call at 941-474-7884 during our business hours Tuesday through Saturday for more information!

Missing Dog Buddy Finds His Way Home

missing dog goes home Suncoast Humane Society

Buddy’s owners were elated to be reunited with their buddy!

Poor Buddy got separated from his New York owners while they were on vacation in North Port. A kind stranger found Buddy wandering in the street and picked him up because she was afraid he would get hit by a car. She took Buddy to us and filed her found report with our staff. It took his owners two days to figure out where Buddy went, but when they did, they came right away and picked him up! These three were overjoyed to be reunited, as you can see from their happy reunion photo.

If you find a missing pet, please be sure to contact your local animal control and file a lost report with us. Give us a call at 941-474-7884 during our business hours Tuesday through Saturday for more information!