Holiday giving trees help pets in need

Giving Tree Donations

We would like to thank all of those who donated pet food, toys, cleaning supplies, and much more to our Giving Trees during the holiday season! Your generosity not only helped the homeless pets in our care but also helped support the pets of struggling families in our community. All donations of pet food went to our Pet Pantry program, which helps financially struggling families with pets by temporarily providing them with free pet food. Thanks again for bringing joy to homeless pets in need!


Birthday donations to benefit homeless pets

Iris - Donations from 11th Birthday

Iris recently turned 11 years old and had a party to celebrate her special day. Instead of asking her friends to bring gifts for her, she had a special request. She told her family and friends that all she wanted for her birthday was to be able to bring donations to the homeless pets of Suncoast Humane Society. She asked them to bring things like pet food, chew toys, and much more from our Wish List. Thank you for thinking of us, Iris! Our adoptable pets would like to wish you a very Happy (belated) Birthday 🙂

Holiday donations bring joy to pets in need

Holidays Donations- CC Utilities & Moose Riders

Thank you Charlotte County Utilities and Moose Riders Chapter 1933 for your generosity during the holiday season! Your generous donations of pet food to our Pet Pantry, and items such as cleaning supplies, toys, and much more from our Wish List, helped not only the pets in our care but also the pets of struggling families in our community. Again, thank you for sharing your holiday spirit with the many pets in need. We truly appreciate your continued support!

We have exciting news!

Our board of trustees and staff are proud to announce that Suncoast Humane Society has received the coveted 4-star rating by Charity Navigator. This top honor, from America’s largest independent charity evaluator, has been awarded for sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency.

Charity Navigator 4 Star Logo

Out of the thousands of nonprofit organizations Charity Navigator evaluates each year, only one out of four earns a 4 star rating. This indicates that Suncoast Humane Society outperforms most other charities in America.

We work very hard to earn the trust of our donors, and meet the challenges of helping both animals and people of our community. Every day we strive to be a more effective humane society.

Thank you for your trust and support. We couldn’t have received this top rating without you!

To view our 4-star rating, please visit Charity Navigator’s website or view the letter from Charity Navigator announcing our 4-star rating here.

New Year, New Look!

Angel the 1 year old Papillon/Lhasa Apso mix came to us with severely matted fur. As you can see from his before photos below, his fur had grown to such an unmanageable, matted length that he could hardly even see.

Thanks to our awesome volunteer Judy, Angel now has a fresh new cut just in time for the New Year. That’s not all though! After getting his new look, Angel wasn’t available for long before his new mom Linda found him. It’s safe to say that he is now enjoying the life he’s always dreamed of! You can see his amazing transformation below:

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is for regular and frequent grooming. Brushing, especially, is absolutely necessary to not only prevent mats but to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy. Thank you again Judy, for always going above and beyond to help the homeless animals in our care!

If pets made New Year’s resolutions

Annabelle20151513 - New Year's

By Phil Snyder, Executive Director of Suncoast Humane Society

Published in the Englewood Sun on December 27, 2015

It is time to make our New Year’s resolutions, so I asked several people what resolutions they thought their pets would make, if they could tell us. The responses were varied. Quite a few thought their dogs would want to be walked more frequently, their cats played with more often, and both wanting to enjoy more quality time with their human companions.

Some pets wanted to lose weight, some wanted to gain weight, and some wanted more exercise time. Several suggestions were offered, on behalf of their pets, that I found to be unique. I think you can tell which species made the following specific resolutions:

  • To stop raiding my feline friend’s litter box for delicacies.
  • To stop kicking litter out of my litter box and all over the bathroom floor.
  • To stop bringing lizards in from the lanai and presenting them as gifts, while Mom is trying to sleep.
  • To stop using the garbage can as my buffet.
  • To stop barking so much and become a couch potato.
  • To stop using the overstuffed chair as my personal nail sharpener.
  • To walk by mom’s open closet door without grabbing one of her shoes.

My favorites are:

  • To behave better so my owner does not drop me off at the humane society.
  • To start doing something wrong, because I am too perfect.

Other resolutions from more not-so-perfect pets were:

  • I will act more interested when forced to watch Animal Planet.
  • I will count to 10 before biting Aunt Mildred for rubbing my tummy juuust a little too long.
  • I will not take the legs out from under Mom and Dad as I race down the hall.
  • I will try chasing the ball, only after it has been thrown.
  • I will try and make friends with the vacuum sweeper.
  • I will also try to like the FedEx and UPS guys when they ring that antagonizing door bell.
  • I will try not to stand next to Mom or Dad after drinking water or flinging a slobber rocket.

I was prepared to add my own dog’s New Year’s resolutions, however last night he ate the list. I seem to always have dogs that love to eat paper things. One dog ate my mother-in-law’s death certificate. Luckily she never found out. The same dog once ate $265 worth of $5 bills that my wife and I were saving. I was able to retrieve $30 of the money, from the yard, over a period of time, until I finally gave up trying. I told the dog that each time he visited the yard, he was worth less money.

Whether you, or your pet, make New Year’s resolutions, or not, one resolution we should all strive for is to be the person your pet thinks you are.

Happy New Year!

Thank you, Nylabone!

Nylabone Donation

Our adoptable dogs would like to say a big thank you to Nylabone for their recent generous donation of chew toys! Nylabone sent us all kinds of goodies (retail value of close to $500) including bacon flavored chew bones for our larger dogs, puppy teething rings, and dino dental chews that came in the shapes of Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and T-Rex! These chew toys not only help to keep our dogs teeth clean and encourage non-destructive chewing habits but they also play a big role in improving and reducing our adoptable dogs shelter stay.