We Appreciate You!

Count and Collect Critter Bank Volunteer Barbara C

“Love of Animals”

Barbara C. – Critter Bank Collector, 3 years of service.

Many of the volunteer opportunities available at Suncoast Humane Society are at our animal care center in Englewood. Other important opportunities focus on vital programs and services away from our shelter. Just like Barbara, you can help the homeless pets of Suncoast Humane Society by volunteering as a Critter Bank Collector or assist with other fundraising projects and events.

Critter BanksAs a fundraising volunteer you will help to solicit sponsorships, donations, and door prizes as well as assist at the fundraising events with set up, staffing and break down.

You can also become a Critter Bank Collector and collect proceeds from outside bank hosts. Assigned volunteers collect these “critter banks” on a monthly basis and the income from the banks helps to support the mission of Suncoast Humane Society.

We are very fortunate to have volunteers like Barbara who generously give of their time and skills to help us continue our mission to “reduce the number of homeless animals and improve the quality of life.” If you are interested in becoming a Critter Bank Collector or want to assist with other fundraising projects and events, please contact our Events and Volunteer Manager Jacqueline Elliott by phone at 941-474-7884 or by email at jelliott@humane.org.


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