Special Adoption Day at Suncoast Humane Society

Lenny20142057 in his kennel

In observance of International Homeless Animals Day, we are hosting a special adopt-a-thon today, August 15! To celebrate the event, each dog that is adopted today will receive a free leash and collar and each cat adopted will receive a free collar and cardboard carrier. Our furry mascots Sun and Coast will also be present for photo opps with you and your new forever companion and refreshments will be available for all two legged visitors.

This year International Homeless Animals Day compliments our month long ‘It’s Raining Cats and Dogs,” adoption special which features reduced adoption fees of $10 plus a $12 rabies vaccination for dogs and $25 plus $12 vaccination fee for cats.

International Homeless Animals Day is meant to shed light on pet overpopulation and the fact that shelters are overwhelmed with homeless animals. It also stresses the crucial need for spaying and neutering of your pet.

In attempt to help those in the community, we offer low cost spay/neuter at our preventive health care clinic in Englewood. Spay/neuter is the focus of our “No Birth Campaign,” an educational movement promoting the sterilization surgery as the key to reducing euthanasia. The spaying and neutering of your pet means that no birth of unwanted litters will occur, leading to less euthanasia.

If you are ready to give a shelter animal a second chance at life, visit our adoption center located at 6781 San Casa Drive, Englewood, or view all of their adoptable animals at www.humane.org.


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