A Day to Remember

Our Satellite Adoption Coordinator Karen Owens shares this special story about a recent satellite adoption at the Petco in Port Charlotte.

Skylar20150584 & Aslan (2)

A young boy named Aslan came into the Port Charlotte Petco with his parents to visit with the cats we have for adoption. After sometime visiting with the cats, they were set on adopting a cat named Skylar. Aslan was so happy that he was taking Skylar home that he jumped into Karen Owens arms to give her a hug. The excitement didn’t end there. Karen had given Aslan a cage card of Skylar to take home with him but he didn’t want to keep it to himself. He wanted to let the whole world know Skylar was his cat, so he went around the store and showed all the Petco shoppers who his new furry friend was. We can bet that July 7, 2015 will always be a day to remember for Aslan.

Skylar20150584 & Aslan (1)

Skylar20150584 & Aslan (3)

This was truly a heartwarming story to hear and it just goes to show how valuable a pet can be to someones life. We wish these two new friends all the best in their future together!


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