We Appreciate You!

Bonnie is pictured here with adoptable dog Susie.

“I volunteer because I love animals, and I want to help them all become better dogs so they all end up with a loving home like they deserve.”

Bonnie L. – Dog Walker Volunteer, 1 year of service.

One of our volunteer opportunities here at Suncoast Humane Society is being a Dog Walker. All of our dog walkers perform the very important duty of enriching and helping train our adoptable dogs while they wait for their forever humans to find them and take them home. Each of our dog walkers is required to go through orientation and training to teach them how to properly handle our adoptable dogs. When you become a dog walker you will assist with a variety of duties. These include walking the dog, leash training, exercises and very basic obedience training.

We are very fortunate to have volunteers like Bonnie who generously give of their time and skills. Our volunteers are vital to the continuation of our mission to “reduce the number of homeless animals and improve the quality of life.” If you are interested in helping homeless pets while meeting new people with similar interests, please contact Events and Volunteer Manager Jacqueline Elliott at 941-474-7884 EXT 422 or by email at jelliott@humane.org.


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