Matan The Cat Finds His Way Home!

Matan the Cat

Matan the 8-year-old cat snuck out of his North Port home when his owner was in the process of moving. Thanks to a kind stranger Matan was brought to us a few days later. After searching high and low, Matan’s owner called our animal care facility to file a lost report in hopes that he might turn up here. A few days had gone by and there was still no sign of Matan anywhere, so his owner decided to give us a call for the second time. This was the call that made the magic happen! When his owner first filed a lost report with us, she had left out some significant details about the cat. The detail that Matan had a broken tooth was very important and ultimately the detail that led his family to finding him. After identifying her cat on the lost and found section of our website, the family was finally reunited with their beloved cat Matan!

Thanks to the lost and found section on our website, Matan was one of three cats to be reunited with their families!

Kit goes home

After being separated for almost a week, Kit goes home with her owner Bernice!

Zion goes home

Zion and her owner Amanda are happy to be going home together again!

If you’ve lost or found an animal, please be sure to contact your local animal control and file a report with us so the critter in question can be reunited with its owner! If you have any questions or need more information, give us a call at 941-474-7884 during our business hours Tuesday through Saturday.


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