Clip Joint to the Rescue!

We would like to say a big “Thank You” to Clip Joint for donating their services to our dogs that are in need of a little primping before they are made available for adoption.

As an open admissions animal shelter, we accept all pets that come to us from our service area, regardless of breed, health, temperament, or size. This means that sometimes the pets we take in are not in the best condition, and sometimes require grooming because their fur has grown to such an unmanageable, matted length.

One of our recent adoptable dogs needed a grooming in order to get rid of her matted fur. You can see Smush’s amazing transformation below:

Smush before grooming

Smush before her grooming at Clip Joint

smushafter 2

Smush after her grooming!

We work very hard to get our animals ready for adoption and we are very grateful for any and all services donated to us in support of our homeless pets. So, thank you again Clip Joint!


2 thoughts on “Clip Joint to the Rescue!

  1. See there are still wonderful people in the world!! Anyone who takes the time to help these poor creatures are their angels in disguise. Bless you all !

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