Honeymooners Praise Dogs About Town Program

Letter w Donation  Letter w donation back

Thank you Phil and Marissa for your kind words and monetary donation to the Suncoast Humane Society’s programs, services, and homeless pets. Your generosity is much appreciated! We are very happy to hear that our Dogs About Town program is making a positive impact on the community.

Phil and Marissa’s note reads:

“To Suncoast Humane [Society] – While on our honeymoon in Boca Grande, we met a very nice volunteer of yours named Stephen; he was with baby girl, a sweet dog. I wanted to let you know how wonderful I thought your new pets around town [Dogs About Town] program was and how impressed I was with his efforts. It is a win win for the dogs as it gets them out socialized while helping adoptions. I have always volunteered with my local shelters and have rescued pets so I know the importance of your hard work. We drove by your facility and saw you will be building a new home which is so nice. Best of luck with and thank you for helping the animals. Please accept this donation to assist the animals.


Phil & Marissa of Palm Beach Gardens, FL”


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