We Appreciate You!

Bonnie is pictured here with adoptable dog Susie.

“I volunteer because I love animals, and I want to help them all become better dogs so they all end up with a loving home like they deserve.”

Bonnie L. – Dog Walker Volunteer, 1 year of service.

One of our volunteer opportunities here at Suncoast Humane Society is being a Dog Walker. All of our dog walkers perform the very important duty of enriching and helping train our adoptable dogs while they wait for their forever humans to find them and take them home. Each of our dog walkers is required to go through orientation and training to teach them how to properly handle our adoptable dogs. When you become a dog walker you will assist with a variety of duties. These include walking the dog, leash training, exercises and very basic obedience training.

We are very fortunate to have volunteers like Bonnie who generously give of their time and skills. Our volunteers are vital to the continuation of our mission to “reduce the number of homeless animals and improve the quality of life.” If you are interested in helping homeless pets while meeting new people with similar interests, please contact Events and Volunteer Manager Jacqueline Elliott at 941-474-7884 EXT 422 or by email at jelliott@humane.org.


That’s So Raven


Raven, the 6 year old Domestic Longhair mix, was adopted from us in January 2015!

Cat mom Ginger sent us a lovely adoption update on her cat Raven. She has also given her the nickname “Rav-a-licious”. Now that is just precious! Her note reads, Raven is a true “cuddle bunny.” Talks a lot, too. Loves to play with her banana catnip and her pink ribbon (made out of heavy material). Since she is so active, I made sure my house is totally “kitty-proofed.” We are so glad that Raven has adjusted so beautifully to your home Ginger! We wish you a lifetime of cuddles together 🙂


Raven looking very majestic with her banana catnip


Raven playing with her banana catnip!

Did You Know?

Clince Brochure Cover June 2015

Did you know that we’ve been offering low-cost spay and neuter, affordable vaccinations and preventive health care services at our animal care center since 2009? Well, it’s true!

Thanks to the generosity and continued support of our donors, we remain able to continue these important public services while working to fulfill our mission of “reducing the number of homeless animals and improve the quality of life.”

The purpose of our clinic is to encourage everyone, regardless of income, to properly care for their pets. In fact, we credit our preventive health care clinic with helping some people to avoid giving up their beloved pets or even having them euthanized during difficult financial times.

We believe that spaying and neutering of companion animals is a necessary requirement for the effective control of the homeless animal population. It saves lives by not allowing dogs and cats to be born, just to become sad statistics in animal shelters.  Preventive veterinary care is essential to keeping pets healthy and happy. The educational guidance we provide to pet owners is immeasurable.

Our Preventive Health Care Clinic also offers de-wormers, heartworm testing and micro-chipping, which is an effective form of identification.  Micro-chipping is very important, especially in southwest Florida where pets can easily become separated from their human families during storm season.

Although we do not screen clients based on their financial abilities, our desire is to continue to help those with limited finances, care for their pets. We strongly recommended that anyone using our services establish a relationship with a full service veterinary clinic that is able to provide all the medical services your pet may require.

If you would like to find out more information on the services we provide, please visit www.humane.org or call us at 941-474-7884.

If You Love Them, Leave Them Home!

Don't Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car

Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car for any period of time. The interior temperature of a parked car can rise to an unbearable level in mere minutes. Your pet can suffer from overheating or even heat stroke if you leave them in your vehicle, which could ultimately result in death.

If your pet is exposed to high temperatures:

Look for signs of heat stress – heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, unsteadiness, a staggering gait, vomiting, or a deep red or purple tongue.

If your pet is overheated, move him to a cooler area and take these emergency steps:

  1. Gradually lower his body temperature by applying cool (not cold) water all over his body or soaking him in a cool bath.
  2. Place cool, wet towels over the back of the neck, in the armpits, and in the groin area. You may also wet the ear flaps and paws with cool water.
  3. You may offer fresh, cool water if your dog is alert and wants to drink. Do not force your pet to drink.

If your pet does not respond to this treatment and needs further medical care, please take your pet to your veterinarian to be checked out.

Also, if you see a pet left in a car exhibiting signs of heat stress, call your local animal care and control agency or police department immediately and take the following steps:

  1. Get the vehicle’s tag number and enter the nearest store or business to request an emergency announcement to be made about a pet left in a hot car.
  2. Go back and wait for police at the vehicle.

This is something that can be easily avoided. So if you are not taking your pets inside where you are going, then please leave them at home!

Love Is In The Air!

Sugar20150593 Pat

New dog mom Pat sent us an adoption update along with some sweet photos of Cindy’s (formerly known as Sugar) new hairdo! In her note, Pat expressed that Cindy encountered a minor medical issue that has since cleared. Cindy is now fit as a fiddle and doing very well in her new forever home.

Sugars Adoption Update

This is Cindy the day Pat brought her home sporting a nice shaggy coat.

Sugars Adoption Update

Here is Cindy a month after she was adopted from us showing off her fresh new do!

Thank you Pat for this precious update! We are very happy to hear that Cindy has adjusted so well to her new home. We trust that you two will make lots of sweet memories together 🙂


Honored to Be a Spotlight Award Winner

Spotlight Award Winner

Thank you Venice Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Council for presenting us with a Spotlight Award! We are honored to be recognized as an outstanding Chamber organization by the Venice Area for the work we do in the community for companion animals and those who love them. This award also nominates us as a candidate for the Business of the Year Award in the Non-Profit/Not-for-Profit category. So, thank you again!

Matan The Cat Finds His Way Home!

Matan the Cat

Matan the 8-year-old cat snuck out of his North Port home when his owner was in the process of moving. Thanks to a kind stranger Matan was brought to us a few days later. After searching high and low, Matan’s owner called our animal care facility to file a lost report in hopes that he might turn up here. A few days had gone by and there was still no sign of Matan anywhere, so his owner decided to give us a call for the second time. This was the call that made the magic happen! When his owner first filed a lost report with us, she had left out some significant details about the cat. The detail that Matan had a broken tooth was very important and ultimately the detail that led his family to finding him. After identifying her cat on the lost and found section of our website, the family was finally reunited with their beloved cat Matan!

Thanks to the lost and found section on our website, Matan was one of three cats to be reunited with their families!

Kit goes home

After being separated for almost a week, Kit goes home with her owner Bernice!

Zion goes home

Zion and her owner Amanda are happy to be going home together again!

If you’ve lost or found an animal, please be sure to contact your local animal control and file a report with us so the critter in question can be reunited with its owner! If you have any questions or need more information, give us a call at 941-474-7884 during our business hours Tuesday through Saturday.