Laser, Set, Go!

Marley & Lasersdfsdfsdfdsfds

Just like people, cats need exercise too! It is recommended that you spend about 20 minutes a day engaging your cat in some form of activity. Some cats are very active by nature while others (older and overweight cats) are a little tougher to engage.

A great way to get your cat up and moving is to play “Catch that Laser” with them. Cats love laser pointers because the small beam of light appears to be a little bug and we all know how much cats love to chase bugs. When you’re pointing the laser it is best to keep the light low and always avoid flashing the beam directly into your cat’s eyes.

One thing you might want to add to laser time is a cat toy. It is possible that your cat might feel a little over whelmed due to the fact that they weren’t able to actually catch the light, so it’s best if you find a way to relieve this stress. By giving them a toy they will feel like they accomplished something after all the hard work they just put in.

This is not only a good exercise tool for your cat but it also provides great entertainment for you as well as your cat. So go ahead and get your fur babies moving and remember to have fun with it!



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