Binx and Little Girl Take on the UK!

Bin and Little Girl Guarding the Steps

Binx and Little Girl have gained a few new hobbies since they left Suncoast Humane Society. One of those hobbies is guarding the stairs of their new East Sussex home!

Former Suncoast Humane Society cats Binx and Little Girl have certainly made themselves at home in England and we couldn’t be happier about how well this long-distance adoption has worked out!

Recently, we received an adoption update from Dad Brian along with some sweet photos of Binx and Little Girl.  His message reads:

“Binx and Little Girl are settling into the new home very nicely.

Little Girl continues to be the more sociable including sitting on laps and being
more pro-active. It is as though she is glad to be on her own with only a couple
humans and her brother to worry about.

Binx continues to be introverted and does not like being approached when he
is on the ground, he prefers to be higher up on tables etc and then he will seek
attention but always on his terms. He likes his tummy to be rubbed which in our
experience is unusual in cats.

It is nice to have two individual characters and we remain 100% certain that we did the right thing in adopting them.

You will find attached three pictures showing how they are taking over the house.
Little Girl is fascinated with computer screens and tries to move the object that
show up on the screen such as a game of cards.

Hoping you are finding lots of homes for your other cats.”

Cat Binx Sunbathing

The Ports found Binx lying on the floor by the window catching some sun rays. He certainly takes his relaxing time seriously.

Little Girl Admiring the Laptop

Little Girl is still trying to figure out how this whole computer thing works but until then she finds it fun to just watch her humans navigate for her!



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