Be a hipster: adopt a shelter pet

hipster pet

You’ve heard the term hipster before: they’re those who insist on being different from mainstream culture, and always do things “before they were cool.” They frequent your favorite coffee shop with their Apple products and thrift store clothing. You might think that being a hipster is a not-so-great thing, BUT you can also play this hipster game! Only 29% of cats and dogs in the United States are adopted from animal shelters, versus getting a pet from a breeder, as a stray, or from family and friends, according to the ASPCA. That doesn’t seem like very much. does it? So, if you were to adopt a shelter pet, you’d be in the minority of pet guardians, who choose to adopt their pet from an animal shelter. That’s definitely not mainstream. Of course, your new pet won’t care about all that, since he or she will be so happy to have a new forever friend: you.

Hurry, adopt a shelter pet before it’s cool!


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