Lucy the 17 Year Old Cat Safe at Home

We know that losing a pet can be very unsettling and we want to be as helpful as we can in providing you with the resources you need to find your lost pet. We love to hear stories about pets that have found their owners after being lost.

Recently, we received this sweet message from cat mom Dorothy. We are so happy that 17 year old Lucy has found her way home! Her message reads:

“We picked Lucy up Saturday morning from Suncoast [Humane Society]! Thank you all so very much. The 1st picture- (her eating) was taken as soon as we got home. The 2nd picture was taken 2 days ago.
Thank you for all you do… Dotty”



If you’ve lost or found an animal, the resources on our Lost and Found page can help you reunite the critter in question with its owner!


Laser, Set, Go!

Marley & Lasersdfsdfsdfdsfds

Just like people, cats need exercise too! It is recommended that you spend about 20 minutes a day engaging your cat in some form of activity. Some cats are very active by nature while others (older and overweight cats) are a little tougher to engage.

A great way to get your cat up and moving is to play “Catch that Laser” with them. Cats love laser pointers because the small beam of light appears to be a little bug and we all know how much cats love to chase bugs. When you’re pointing the laser it is best to keep the light low and always avoid flashing the beam directly into your cat’s eyes.

One thing you might want to add to laser time is a cat toy. It is possible that your cat might feel a little over whelmed due to the fact that they weren’t able to actually catch the light, so it’s best if you find a way to relieve this stress. By giving them a toy they will feel like they accomplished something after all the hard work they just put in.

This is not only a good exercise tool for your cat but it also provides great entertainment for you as well as your cat. So go ahead and get your fur babies moving and remember to have fun with it!


Binx and Little Girl Take on the UK!

Bin and Little Girl Guarding the Steps

Binx and Little Girl have gained a few new hobbies since they left Suncoast Humane Society. One of those hobbies is guarding the stairs of their new East Sussex home!

Former Suncoast Humane Society cats Binx and Little Girl have certainly made themselves at home in England and we couldn’t be happier about how well this long-distance adoption has worked out!

Recently, we received an adoption update from Dad Brian along with some sweet photos of Binx and Little Girl.  His message reads:

“Binx and Little Girl are settling into the new home very nicely.

Little Girl continues to be the more sociable including sitting on laps and being
more pro-active. It is as though she is glad to be on her own with only a couple
humans and her brother to worry about.

Binx continues to be introverted and does not like being approached when he
is on the ground, he prefers to be higher up on tables etc and then he will seek
attention but always on his terms. He likes his tummy to be rubbed which in our
experience is unusual in cats.

It is nice to have two individual characters and we remain 100% certain that we did the right thing in adopting them.

You will find attached three pictures showing how they are taking over the house.
Little Girl is fascinated with computer screens and tries to move the object that
show up on the screen such as a game of cards.

Hoping you are finding lots of homes for your other cats.”

Cat Binx Sunbathing

The Ports found Binx lying on the floor by the window catching some sun rays. He certainly takes his relaxing time seriously.

Little Girl Admiring the Laptop

Little Girl is still trying to figure out how this whole computer thing works but until then she finds it fun to just watch her humans navigate for her!


Thank you, Environmental Club at Cranberry Elementary!

Cranberry Elementary Doations

Donations of items like pet food, toys, pee pads, and more, allow us to direct monetary donations to more critical needs.

We wanted to say a BIG “thank you” to the Environmental Club at Cranberry Elementary School for their generous donation of items from our Wish List and also their monetary donation! Donations of these items go towards supporting our programs, services, and homeless pets. Again, Thank you for your support!

Closed for Memorial Day!


In honor of Memorial Day, all three of our thrift stores located in Englewood, Port Charlotte, and Venice will be closed on Monday, May 25th! We hope you were able to join us this past week for our early Memorial Day sale. Our thrift stores will open for regular hours on Tuesday, May 26. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank You for Voting for Us!

Sara, Phil, and Jacqueline with our Harbor's Hottest Plaque!

Sara Jackson, Development and Marketing Manager, Phillip Snyder, Executive Director of Suncoast Humane Society, and Jacqueline Elliott, Events and Volunteer Manager, pose with our plaque from Harbor Style Magazine’s 2015 Harbor’s Hottest Contest! We were voted a Finalist in Best Fundraising Gala for our 2015 Tennis Ball and Tournament.


We wanted to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to our supporters for voting our 2015 Tennis Ball and Tournament a Finalist for Best Fundraising Gala in Harbor Style Magazine’s 2015 Harbor’s Hottest Contest! This is the second year in a row that your votes have helped us win this distinction. Thank you again!