Top 5 Easter Toxins for Pets

Information from the ASPCA’s Top 5 Easter Toxins

Top 5 Easter Toxins

As Easter is celebrated by those who observe the holiday today, please remember to keep your pets from the top 5 Easter toxins:

1) Chocolate

Easter is typically the APCC’s top day for chocolate intoxication calls, topping Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Halloween! Why? Pets find Easter candy hidden around the house or the yard, or get into unattended Easter baskets.

2) Lilies

True lilies and day lilies are a concern for acute kidney failure in cats. All homes with cats should be very careful with Easter lilies. We would discourage them from even entering houses with cats, but if they must be there, make sure cats can’t access any part of the plant.

3) Easter Grass

The plastic grass that is found in Easter baskets is appealing to pets but can cause a life-threatening gastrointestinal obstruction that may require surgery to resolve.

4) Table Food

Onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, grapes, and raisins are common toxic foods that pets ingest.

5) Herbicides

Make sure herbicides are kept where pets can’t chew or puncture the bottle and that application is dry before letting the pets outside.


If your pet does happen to ingest any of these toxins, be sure to contact your local emergency veterinarian immediately to help decide the best course of action to help your pet. Suncoast Humane Society DOES NOT provide emergency care services or animal poison control information as we are not a full service veterinarian.


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