Adopting a Small Dog from Suncoast Humane Society

Abby 20141517 Peter

From our point of view as Suncoast Humane Society employees, we see a wide variety of dogs become available for adoption. To you, the general public, however, you might think we only have larger mixed breed dogs available for adoption, especially if you view our adoptable dogs on our website occasionally. The reality is that we have smaller and purebred dogs come to us all the time! They just tend to find homes a bit more quickly because of their size and the lifestyle preferences that our potential adopters typically have.

We get asked if we have small or purebred dogs available for adoption quite frequently! We process all of our adoptable pets as quickly as legal, health, and safety regulations permit. Each animal has its own unique set of circumstances which dictates how quickly they adjust to a shelter environment. When a dog becomes available for adoption, smaller dogs seem to be more desirable than larger breeds and therefore are adopted much faster. Every time a dog is adopted, it makes room in our facility for another dog to transition from the holding area to the adoption kennel. It is our goal to find loving forever homes for all adoptable pets in our care in a timely fashion. All adoptable dogs, including purebred and small breeds, are showcased on our website as soon as they become available for adoption. We do not accept names for a waiting list for certain size or breed dogs.

If you are interested in a particular pet, especially a small or purebred dog, please come in during adoption hours as soon as you can to visit with the pet to see if the pet is a good fit for your family and lifestyle. We want to help you find the newest member of your family!


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