Petsmart Adoption Event Finds Homes for 6 Pets


Monopoly was one of six pets adopted during an adoption event at the Port Charlotte Petsmart on February 13-15!

During a weekend-long event at the Port Charlotte Petsmart February 13-15, six of our pets (2 dogs and 4 cats) found homes! We were so glad to participate in this event with a number of animal shelters and rescue groups. We hope you enjoy the photos below taken by professional photographer Patty Stefan:


Suncoast Humane Society volunteers pose for a photo during this successful adoption event!



Suncoast Humane Society volunteer Laura poses for a photo with currently adoptable CoCo the Labrador Retriever/Hound mix.



Karen, Suncoast Humane Society Satellite Adoption Coordinator, chats with an onlooker.



Currently adoptable Bowser poses with Suncoast Humane Society volunteer Trisha; look at his cute little paw!



How sweet! Morgan, who was adopted during this event, snuggles with a Suncoast Humane Society volunteer.




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