The Story of Puggsi and Khloe

Khloe and Puggsi are best buddies!

Khloe and Puggsi are best buddies!

There is nothing quite like a story about kids and animals, especially when it is a true story. Actually, it is happening right now, right here at home. The fact that the Suncoast Humane Society is involved makes it even more special. This is the story of Puggsi and Khloe.

Puggsi is a 3-year-old female Pug mix that was surrendered to the Suncoast Humane Society after her previous owner was no longer able to care for her.

She was an overactive little ball of energy. It was obvious that it would take a special family to fulfill her needs and give her that second chance at a quality life.

She seemed to receive a lot of attention during her three weeks in the Society’s adoption center, but perhaps because of her feistiness, she was being bypassed for pets that appeared to be a little more settled down.

There was one individual who kept visiting Puggsi, almost on a daily basis. Her family had lost their beloved pet months earlier after 16 wonderful years together. Each visit convinced her that the time was right to make Puggsi the next member of her family.

This is how Puggsi met Khloe. Like Puggsi, Khloe is also 3. To begin with, on the ride to her new home, Puggsi kept hopping back and forth between Khloe and her sister with kisses for both. There was already a bond forming with the family, but there seemed to be something even more special with Puggsi and Khloe.

Their first night together, daughter Khloe announced that Puggsi was going to sleep on her bed with her. This was a shock to her mom because Khloe has a history with sensory issues, such as sudden touching, loud noises and especially, being alone. She had never slept alone in her bed.

When Puggsi is taken out to exercise, Khloe watches from a chair on the lanai, shouting encouragement for Puggsi to get it over with and come back inside. Except for school, they seem to go everywhere together. Even when Khloe is picked up from school, all she can do is talk about is getting home to Puggsi.

According to mom, Puggsi’s companionship has done more to help Khloe in the past month than several years of occupational therapy. It seems this special connection has made many of her health issues disappear.

This is a wonderful story, and Khloe seemed to say it all when she told her mom, “Puggsi needed a home just like I did.”

You see, Khloe had been adopted by this special family too, just like Puggsi.

By Phillip Snyder, Executive Director

Published in the Englewood Sun on November 23, 2014


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